Sanitory Pad Vending Machine

From a very perspective , girls who lack adequate sanitary materials may miss school each month during their period. If girls attend schools where the availability of sanitary napkin pads is uncertain, they may be unable to remain comfortably in class during menstrual cycle. Nearly 4 out of 10 school-age Indian girls do not attend school during menstruation because of the lack of sanitary napkin pads in school.

In order to promote hygiene and cleanliness practices among girls students, the honorable Mayor of Jodhpur city has decided to provide safe and hygienic sanitary pads at affordable price and accessible unconstructively through installing SANITARY NAPKIN VENDING MACHINE.

Under the guidance of honorable Mayor, Jodhpur Municipal Corporation has purchased 20 sanitary napkin vending machines through HLL Life care limited and installed the same in Govt. Girls School in two phases. Each machine consists of 16 pads and in each pads, 3 napkins are kept.
Features of sanitary napkin vending machine:
  • The machine works on globally proven spiral mechanism
  • Fully electronic model with LCD display for interactive communication with the users.
  • Electronic coin acceptor, which accepts different variants of Indian coin.
  • Easy data (sales, cash collected etc) retrieval electronically through USB port.
  • Easy and user friendly product delivery.
Advantages of sanitary napkin vending machine:
  • Immediate access to napkins to meet the menstrual emergencies.
  • Self dispensing of the napkins at the drop of a coin.
  • Minimizes absenteeism in school/college
  • Convenient to buy the product independently.